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Electromagnetic Door Holder Uses

Electromagnetic Door Holders are a great way to add extra security to your commercial building. They can be used in a variety of applications such as on a fire door or on a high-security door where a remote door release could be needed.

ABH 2400 Flush Mounted Electromagnetic Door Holder

Fire doors are those used in buildings and on ships as part of a fire protection system to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke while still allowing safe egress. The most common use of an electromagnetic door holder is on doors such as these. They are used in conjunction with a fire alarm system and a door closer.

In normal conditions, the magnet is activated via a low-current draw and holds the door open. However, when power to the system is cut-off--either because the fire alarm system has activated or because of a power failure--the electromagnet is released, allowing the door closer to shut the door. Once the fire door is closed, it will help reduce damage done by flames and smoke. This kind of door holder is especially useful in hallways because it allows for an open path in non-emergency situations; but if the fire alarm should activate, it will activate the fire doors as well.

The other use for electromagnetic door holders is on high-security doors such as on private offices. In situations like this, the door can be closed via a remote switch. The power is cut-off from the electromagnetic door holder, the door closer shuts the door, and the door locks via a lever with a storeroom function. This adds security to an area without having to physically shut the door. It also allows from multiple doors to be closed and locked with a single switch.

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