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Door Hardware Help Center

• Door Closers
Door Closer Mounting Holes Chart: Find a Direct Fit Replacement for your overhead door closer

•Panic Hardware
Panic Device Basics: The guide panic devices and how to know which one to buy.
Rim Panic Device Guide: Rim Exit Hardware explained.
Vertical Rod Panic Device Guide: The uses of a Vertical Rod Panic Devices and the difference between Surface and Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Hardware.
Alarm Panic Device Guide: When to use an Alarmed Panic Device and what features to consider when picking one out.
Panic Device Trim Guide: The different types of exterior trim for exit devices and lock functions explained in simple terms.

• Door Hinges
Door Hinge Replacement Guide: This article contains information plus trade tips and tricks
Door Hinge Corners: How to quickly determine your door hinge Corner Radius
Door Hinge Size: How they are sized and the proper size for your door
Door Hinge Material: What are your choices and which to choose
Pivot Hinge Guide: The different types of pivot hinges and their uses.

Single Action Door Spring Hinge Adjustment: How to install and properly adjust a spring door hinge.
Double Action Spring Hinge Installation: How to install double acting spring hinges for single and double doors.
Bommer Double Action Spring Hinge Selection: Selecting the proper size double acting spring hinge for your doors size and weight.
Bommer Spring Pivots: How To Reactivate Spring Tension for Bommer Spring Pivot Hinges.
Continuous Gear Hinges: What is a continuous gear hinge? Learn about the benefits and different types.
How to Fix a Sagging Door: How to use a Reinforcement Hinge to fix a sagging door or prevent door sag.
How to Install Hinge Shims: How to use hinge shims to fix doors that are out of alignment.

• Door Locksets
How to Order Door Knobs, Levers and Handlesets: How to determine door Handing, Backset and the different door Lock Functions
Latch Guard Basics: The difference between Outswing Door Latch Guards and Inswing Door Latch Guards and why they are important to add security to commercial and residential properties.

• Door Pulls
Mounting Styles for a Door Pulls: The difference between Mounting Hardware Types and when each is used.

• Pocket Door Hardware
How to Select Pocket Door Hardware: Selecting the right pocket door hardware is a pretty simple process once you understand the basics.

• Lock Keying Service
We offer Lock Keying including Master keying, Grandmaster keying and Construction keying as well as keyed alike locks.

• Door Stops, Bumpers, and Holders
Magnetic Door Stops: and magnetic door holders, when and where to use them.
Hold Open Door Stops: The different types of door stops that will positively hold doors in the open position.
Electromagnetic Door Holder Uses: The main uses for Electromagnetic Door Holders and fire door explained.

•Door Bolts
How to Choose the Best Deadbolt: What the ANSI Grades, UL listed, and the different functions pertaining to deadbolts mean.
Flush Bolts and Surface Bolts: The differences between Flush and Surface Mounted Door Bolts and their applications.

• Door Knockers
Door Knocker Dimension Chart by Center to Center: Find a replacement door knocker by matching up existing center to center hole measurements.

• General Door Hardware
ADA Compliant Door Hardware: What is ADA and does it affect your hardware choice.
Cleaning and Care Instructions: How to Clean and Care for Your New Door Hardware.
Finish Color Differences: View the dramatic differences between Polished, Satin and Antique colors of door hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Door Locks and Latches - FAQ's

  1. Q. How do I determine the handing for a lock?
  2. Q. What is a reversible lock?
  3. Q. What is Backset and how do I determine the backset for a door lock?
  4. Q. What do the different lock functions mean?
  5. Q. What is a active and inactive door in a set of double doors (pair of doors)?
  6. Q. What is the thickness of a standard door?
  7. Q. What do the keying options on your web site mean?
  8. Q. What is the meaning of a single and double cylinder?
  9. Q. What is a tubular latch or tubular lock?
  10. Q. What is a dead locking latch bolt?
  11. Q. What is a mortise latch or mortise lock?
  12. Q. What is a strike?

Door Closers - FAQ's

  1. Q. What is an ADA compliant door closer?
  2. Q. Why can't I find door closer hinges in your door closer section?
  3. Q. I see some of your door closers say they are tri-packed. What does this mean?
  4. Q. I want to install a new over head door closer and I'm not sure what method to use. What are the benefits of each method?
  5. Q. What is back check?
  6. Q. What is sweep speed control?
  7. Q. What is the latch speed?
  8. Q. What is a Hold Open or Hold Open Arm?
  9. Q. I need to replace my door closer and I don't want to drill more holes in my door. How can I find a closer that will bolt up to the existing holes?
  10. Q. What does the power or spring size of the closer mean?

Door Hardware Design Ideas

Read our latest door hardware news articles featuring the popular Omnia #12 Door Lever and The Beauty of Strap Hinges. Check out some of the Hottest Trends for your Kitchen Cabinets. And discover the versatility of Door Pulls as an alternative to Handlesets for your entryway doors.

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