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Magnetic Door Stops, Magnetic Door Holders

At we stock a large selection of door stops. This door hardware article discusses the different types of magnetic door stops and magnetic door holders, including when and where to use them.

Magnetic door stops are typically used on doors, that when in the full open position, you would like it to remain open, until you close it. They are often used on bedroom and bathroom doors. When the room is not in use, you would like the door to remain open and you don't want drafts or wind slamming the doors closed.

The 2 most versatile and popular models are the Deltana MDH30 and the heavier duty Deltana MDH35. Both can be vertically mounted to the floor or horizontally mounted on the wall, baseboard or door (just like a baseboard door stop).

Both of these Deltana door stop models function as door stops and door holders. The "Receptor" part contains a spring loaded cushion to absorb normal impact shocks (like a rubber tip door stop). The "Base" has a permanent magnet at its end to hold the door open. They are available in 9 different finish colors to match your rooms decor.

Deltana also manufactures 2 dome style door stops. The Deltana DSM125 is made of brass and available in 9 different finish choices. The Deltana DSM125U32x is made of stainless steel and available in polished or satin finish.

The permanent magnet is spring loaded to absorb shocks, so they function as door stops and door holders. These magnetic dome style door stops are floor mounted (door stop screws to the floor).

Deltana stainless steel magnetic door stop
Deltana MDH30 magnetic door stop

Deltana MDH35 magnetic door stop

The Deltana MDHF25 magnetic door stop is a great choice when you need a very low profile floor mounted base to reduce the risk of potential tripping, ease in floor cleaning or just for its sleek design.

The round strike plate is 2-3/8 inches in diameter and mounts flush on the floor (screws to the floor). The magnet is screwed on bottom of the door.

When the magnet approaches the strike plate, an arm raises up to stop and hold the door (shown in the diagram below).

Deltana MDHF25 Magnetic Door Stop Works

Deltana MDHF25 magnetic door stop

A lot of customers love magnetic doors stops so much, they use them on every door in their office and homes.

*Note: Magnetic doors stops are NOT recommend for doors that have Door Closers, see Hold Open Door Stops. A door closer applies a minimum of 3 ft. lbs. of closing force on a door, most apply more than 5 ft. lbs of force. A magnetic doors stop will not hold the door open very well, if at all.

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