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Hold Open Door Stops

At we stock a large selection of door stops. This door hardware article discusses the different types of door stops that will positively hold doors in the open position.

We are often ask if a Magnetic Door Stop will hold my door open, if the door has a Door Closer installed. The answer is NO, unless it is a Electro Magnetic Door Holder. A door closer applies a minimum of 3 ft. lbs. of closing force on a door and most apply more than 5 ft. lbs of force. A magnetic doors stop will not hold the door open very well, if at all.

We will start with the hold open type door stops that are easiest to manually operate. Kickdown door stops are simple to install and use. Just kick the arm down with your foot and the rubber tip holds the door in the open position.

They are available in 3 lengths - 4 inch kickdown, 5 inch kickdown and 7 inch extra long kickdown.

kickdown door stops

Next lets look at the newer Kick around door stops. They are also simple to install and use. Simply pivot the end of the stop with your foot (kick it around). The smaller rubber bumper will cradle the door holding it open. Kick it back when you want to close the door. (see diagram on right side)

Kick around door stops will also work on glass doors. They are great for holding open glass store entry doors.

They are available with 2 different bumper stops - Black Rubber Bumper Stop and Stainless Steel Bumper Stop.

They install with single mounting screw for a easy clean installation. Good for residential and commercial applications including wood, metal or glass doors.

kick around door stops

Plunger door stops or push down type door holders are popular on commercial doors.

They are spring loaded so are hands free. You just push the plunger down with your foot to activate, then press the release tab to inactivate when you want to close the door.

They are available with 3 different styles - Brushed Chrome Plunger Stop, Aluminum Plunger Stop which is often used on aluminum store front doors and 8" Hands Free Door Stop which is available in Aluminum, Dark Bronze or Satin Brass finish.

plunger door stops

Hook door stops (door stops with a hook) are generally used for exterior doors, heavy doors or when the door way has a step down. Their heavy duty construction with a manually operated hook, makes them great for exterior doors, including entry and patio doors, doors with door closers and doors subject to wind.

For doors with wide gaps at the doors bottom including doors that have a step down you would use the wall mounted hook door stop, 6" tall hook door stop or the 8" tall hook door stop.

The Deltana DSF444 is packaged with a heavy duty anchor for mounting to cement floors. This includes cement floors covered by tile, wood laminate, carpet etc. For wood floors or standard duty floor mounted installations use the Deltana SAHF358 3" tall hook door stop.

These hooking door stops manufactured by Deltana, are made of solid brass in your choice of 9 finish colors.

wall hook door stops
cement floor hook door stops standard floor hook door stops 6 inch tall door stops

The last type is a Prop Open Door Stop. You simple slide it in front of the door when you need it held open.

Very easy clean installation, no holds to drill, no screws. Its large size being 3-5/8" diameter and weight mass of 2-1/2 pounds combine to hold the door. Good for residential and commercial applications including wood, metal or glass doors.

prop open door stops

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