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How to Select Pocket Door Hardware

Selecting the right pocket door hardware is a pretty simple process once you understand the basics. The most critical information you will need to know to avoid installation issues will be the thickness of the door and the clearance between the door's face and the trim moulding around the wall's pocket opening.

Sometimes the trim moulding is installed very close to the door. This gives you a very clean look, but it doesn't allow much space for the pocket door pulls to clear the trim moulding when sliding the door in and out of the wall pocket. Most pocket door pulls will only require 3/32" clearance on both side of the door, however some will require 1/8" or more on both sides. Check the hardware's specified projection (how far it sticks off the door's face) to insure it can clear any existing trim mouldings.

The door thickness is required when ordering most pocket door passage and privacy lock sets as well as when installing two flush pulls back to back (one on each side of the door, directly opposite each other). You will need to know the depth of each flush pull to be sure the combined depth doesn't exceed the thickness of the door.

Installation will also be a consideration. Typically there are two different installation methods for privacy and passage sets; one that requires the mechanism be mortised into the door, and one that will actually require a portion of the door be cut away to accept the main body. Neither is for the faint of heart and it would be advisable to have them professionally installed.

First we will start with a single pocket door. Is this an entry into a bedroom or bathroom where you will need a pocket door privacy lock? Pocket door hardware is available with a privacy feature that serves the same purpose as a typical door lever on a swinging door. It keeps the pocket door from being accidentally opened. There is a turn button on the inside to latch the door from sliding and an emergency release on the exterior.

Pocket door passage sets do not have a latching mechanism, just two flush pulls and an edge pull. Passage sets are used on doors that do not require privacy, such as pantry, hall or closet doors.

For pocket doors that require secured locking you needed a Keyed pocket door lock. They have a secure keyed lock cylinder and are typically used on secured storage room and office doors.

Next lets look at double pocket doors that slide out from either side of the door frame and converge in the middle. If you are using pocket door passage sets or flush pulls and edge pulls, the hardware is the same as a single pocket door. Installing pocket door jamb bolts on each door is a simple way add privacy locks to double pocket doors.

For privacy locking we also offer double pocket door locks. The hardware is the same but the installation is different than for a single pocket door. In this case one door will serve as the active door and will contain the latching mechanism, the other will be the inactive door and will have an edge pull, two flush pulls and the strike plate installed. The active door will have the same lock/latch body as a single door configuration, but instead of installing the strike on the door frame as with a single door, it will be installed on the inactive door so they will latch or lock firmly together in the middle. Since the inactive door has no internal mechanism installed, it does not interfere with the strike.

If you have found the most perfect flush pulls for your bedroom or bathroom door you can add pocket door jamb bolts for privacy locking. The jamb bolt is installed on the inside of the pocket door and operates like a rocker switch, physically preventing the door from returning to the pocket. There is a strike plate included that attaches to the door jamb to protect it from damage, as well as trim for an emergency release hole for outside the door in case someone accidentally gets locked inside.

Still confused or have a unique application not covered here?
Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the best pocket door hardware solution.

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