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Choosing a Door Pull Mounting

Most Door Pulls can be mounted in a variety of ways, each of which have their own application. It is important to choose the mounting hardware that best suits the type and style of the door.

Here we list the various ways door pulls can be mounted. In most cases it will not matter if the door pull is for a wood door, metal door, shower door, appliance door, glass door, cabinet door or drawer, or even something custom, as it will still use one of these types of mountings.

thru-bolt mounting a door pull
glass door thru bolt door pull mounting diagram

Thru-bolt Mounting: A door pull is fastened directly to a door with bolt/s that go all the way through the door.

The advantage of Thru-bolt Mounting is strength as the entire thickness of the door supports the door pull.

However, the mounting bolt/s are visible from the opposite side of the door. This problem can be solved in two ways. One way is to hide the thru-bolts by covering them with a Push Plate.

The other way to conceal the mounting bolts is to cover them with a decorative screw cover. With Decorative Thru-bolt Door Mounting, instead of the bolt or screw head being shown on the inside, a decorative plate or hardware will cover the mount. This type of mounting is often used for a single Glass Shower Door Pull.

glass door thru bolt pull mounting

back to back door pull mounting

Back to Back Mounting: Two door pulls are hooked together, each pull opposite the other (Back to Back). A stud or bolt goes through the door and connects the two door pulls together at each mounting point on the handles.

Back to Back Mounting is often used for Glass Shower Door Pulls and Entry Door Pulls.

Not all door pulls can be made for Back to Back Mounting. The door pull must be thick enough at the mounting points for a threaded set screw.

concealed surface mounting a door pull

Surface Mounting, Concealed: Mounting stud/s are threaded into the door. The pull slides onto the mounting stud/s where a set screw locks it in place.

The main advantage of Concealed Surface Mounting over Thru-bolt Mounting is appearance, as there is no bolt head on the opposite side to deal with. In some applications this is your only option. (EX: If there is not enough room to tighten the mounting bolts if Thru-bolt Mounted.)

The main disadvantage of Concealed Screw Surface Mounting is that it lacks strength when compared to Thru-bolt Mounting. Plus not all door pulls can be mounted using Concealed Surface hardware. The door pull must be thick enough at the mounting points for a threaded set screw.

surface mounting door pulls

Surface Mounting, Non-Concealed: The door pull is screwed directly to the door's face.

Surface mounted pulls are often used on lightweight doors such as gates.

Surface mounting a door pull offers a convenient installation as it can simply be screwed into place; but as easily as it can be installed, it can be removed.

The visible screws offer a unique design aesthetic that is often times rustic in appearance. Some of the most beautiful surface mounted pulls are made by Acorn Manufacturing.

When considering a Door Pull With Rosettes:

A rose is a decorative hardware piece that is used to add a stylish touch where door handles mount to a door. They are made in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and styles.

If you want to use a rose with a door pull, be sure to account for the extra space to accommodate the diameter of the rose. For instance, if you want to mount a door handle a 1-1/2" from the edge of the door, you don't want to choose a 3" rose as it would hang over the door's edge.

When planning on the location of the door pull consider the size of the rose you would like to use.

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