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Choosing a Replacement Door Knocker by Center to Center Length

Door Knocker Measument Diagram

There are so many types of Door Knockers that it can be hard to choose just one but one determining factor--besides style--should be if you are replacing a knocker that is already installed. By choosing a door knocker with the same center to center holes, you can easily install the new knocker without having to drill more holes.

Some knockers are surface monted meaning that they screw into the face of the door. With these knockers, drilling new holes into the door is almost unavoidable. But most knockers are thru-bolt mounted where the door knocker is fastened directly to a door with bolt/s that go all the way through the door. These bolts are visible on the other side. That is where matching up the existing holes come in handy as it can be an unwanted step to patch the old holes and drill new holes for a knocker with a different center to center measurement.

There are 2 basic measurements when selecting a door knocker:
Center to Center: The lengh between the centers of the mount holes vertically.
Overall Length: The length from the top of the door knocker to the bottom.

  Door Knocker Size Chart
Model Number Decription Center to Center Overall Length
BRA-A07-K5010 Small Lion Door Knocker 2-7/8" 6-1/4"
BRA-A04-K2000 American Eagle Door Knocker 3-1/8" 5-7/8"
BRA-A04-K5060 Neptune Door Knocker 3-3/8" 7-3/8"
DEL-DKMV4 Modern Door Knocker 3-15/32" 4-5/8"
BRA-A03-K4020 Churchill Door Knocker 3-5/8" 6-3/4"
BRA-A07-K5000 Large Lion Head Door Knocker 3-3/4" 7-1/2"
DEL-DKV630 Door Knocker With Viewer 3-3/4" 5-7/8"
DEL-DKV6R Victorian Rope Viewer Knocker 3-7/8" 6"
BRA-A07-K6551 Traditional Door Knocker With Eye Viewer 3-15/16" 6-1/2"
BRA-A06-K0400 English Rope Door Knocker 4-1/4" 6-1/2"
BRA-A03-K4003 Camden Door Knocker 4-1/4" 7-9/16"
BRA-A03-K4014 Regency Door Knocker 4-1/4" 6-1/8"
BRA-A07-K5520 Colonial Door Knocker 4-9/16" 8"
BRA-A06-K0170 English Rope Door Knocker 4-3/4" 8"
DEL-DKR75 Victorian Rope Door Knocker 4-7/8" 7-3/4"
BRA-A03-K4018 Ravenna Door Knocker 5" 6-7/8"
BRA-A03-K4002 Imperial Rope Door Knocker 5" 8"
DEL-DK854 Imperial Door Knocker 5" 8-1/2"
BRA-A07-K5210 Doctors Door Knocker 5-1/8" 8"
DEL-DK7356 Victorian Carlo Door Knocker 6-1/4" 6-7/8"

Not finding a door knocker that fits your exact center to center measurments? Consider a Surface Mounted Door Knocker instead. For additional information including pricing and other dimentions please Contact Us.


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