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Standard Door Hinge Replace Guide - Door Hinge Corner Radius

measure hinge radius diagram At we carry a large selection of Door Hinges available in all kinds of configurations, materials, and many different finishes. Choosing a hinge type can be a daunting task when you just want to get some new hinges to upgrade with something more decorative or to match your new door handle's finish color.

Below, we will outline some quick basics when selecting a hinge, focusing on standard non-spring hinges. With just a few basics, you can easily choose a replacement hinge that fits your door and application.

The basic, standard residential door hinge is what as known as a plain bearing hinge. It is simply 2 halves of metal with a pin that joins the halves. It is categorized by the type of metal it is made from (steel, stainless steel, or brass), the size of the hinge, and the style of corner the hinge has.

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There are 3 styles of hinge corners: Square, 1/4 Inch Radius (round corners), and 5/8 Inch Radius (round corners)

Square Corner Hinge:
is a simple 90 degree corner
1/4" Radius Hinge:
a 1/4" radius matches up to the radius of a US dime.
5/8" Radius Hinge:
a 5/8" radius matches up to a US quarter.

To determine if you have a 1/4" or 5/8" radius hinge, measure from the beginning of the curve to where the corner of the hinge would be if it were a square corner.

find hinge radius tip

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Our Steel Hinges and Brass Hinges are available in up to 11 different finishes.
door hinge finishes available

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