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Types of Pivot Hinges

A Pivot Hinge is installed in the floor as well as the top of the door frame. Pivot Hinges are usually used on extra heavy or high-traffic doors. They can carry a lot more weight than Butt Hinges because the weight of the door is supported by the bottom arm and the floor rather than the doorframe. This reduces the stress on the frame and prevents the door and frame from sagging.

Offset Pivot Hinges

ABH 0117 Interior Door Pivot Set
Used for recessed or flush doors were the door has to swing clear of the inside of the frame. Offset pivots are available with the pivot point located 3/4 inches from the heel edge and either 3/4 inches or 1-1/2 inches from the face of the door. Intermediate Pivots help to carry the weight of extra-heavy or long doors. They provide additional support to keep the middle part of the door in line with the top and bottom pivot hinges. Most offset pivots are handed.

Offset Pivot Hinge Handing Diagram
How to Choose Pivot Hinge Handing:
When standing on the push side of the door, meaning the door opens away from you, look to see which side the hinge is on. If it is on the left, it is a left hand door. If it is on the right, it is a right hand door.

Pivot Hinge Department

Center Hung Pivot Hinges

ABH 0128 Floor Mounted Center Hung Pivot Set
This kind of hinge is most often used on store front doors. The hardware is completely concealed except for the floor plate. This makes for a clean look once installed. Center Hung Pivots are non-handed and most are double acting--the door can open in either direction. Center Hung Pivot Hinges allow for unique door configurations since this type of hinge can be mounted on the edge of the door but also closer to the center.

2 Types of Self Closing Pivot Hinges:

Self Closing Pivots are most often used on restaurant kitchen doors where the door needs to be able to swing both ways as well as return to the closed position.

Bommer 7122 Spring Door Pivot Hinge Mortised Spring Pivot Hinges can be adjusted to determine the closing force. This way you can choose how hard and fast the door closes. Many have hold open features. Most Self Closing Spring Pivots are double acting so the door swings in both directions.

Bommer 7412 Gravity Door Pivot Hinge Surface Mounted Gravity Pivot Hinges do not have springs. Instead, the door's weight closes the door. Just like a spring pivot hinge, Gravity Pivots can also have a hold open to keep the door in the open position when open at least 90 degrees. Since Gravity Pivots do not have springs, they cannot be adjusted but they are sturdier with no spring to eventally wear out and break.

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