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Lock Keying Services offers Master keying, Grandmaster keying and Construction keying services as well as keyed alike locks and Mul-T-Lock high security locks keying. Our full service keying facility has the capability of handling everything from the most complicated multi-level grandmaster keying jobs down to Keyed Alike Locks (keying all or groups of locks for a business or residence to use the same key).

When would you need to use these lock keying services?
Although master keying and grandmaster keying is used extensively in motels, condos, apartment buildings and office buildings, it is under utilized in other areas where it could be very useful. Seasonal resort rentals, for example, is an area that a smaller master key system could prove very useful. For instance, there may be certain areas that you do not want the renters to have access to, such as the lawn maintenance equipment or the laundry area and cleaning supply closet. You would, however, need to allow access through the gate, into the living quarters and into the building that contains the pool toys. You can allow the housekeeping staff access to the living quarters as well as to the laundry and cleaning supply closet, but not into the lawn maintenance building. The lawn maintenance staff will need access through the gate and into the building with the lawn equipment but not into the living quarters. No one should need access to the pool equipment except renters and the owner of the property. Obviously the property owner's key operates all of the locks on the property. So in this case there would be one master for the renters, one for housekeeping, one for maintenance and the owner would have the grand master.

Another example is master keying for your home. If you give the key to your home to friends, family or service personal, master keying some or all of your locks allows you the convenience of carrying only one key (verses 2 or more keys). By master keying the lock on your front door plus locks on your home office, bedroom, storage room or closet allows them to enter your home but not the other rooms to keep your personal and valuables secure.

Multi level grand master keying is used extensively on Commercial Locks used in condo and apartment buildings, as well as hotels and office buildings. Building maintenance workers will need access to HVAC closets, electrical rooms, elevators maintenance areas etc. while the housekeeping staff will not have access to those areas but will need access to the laundry areas, cleaning equipment and supplies. These grand master systems require careful planning and will need many levels in order to allow all departments the proper access.

We also offer construction keying using the "lost ball" technique. This is a very convenient service to the construction industry as well as in the hospitality and rental industry. The way it works is both ingenious and very simple. The construction crew's key works the same as any other key and allows them to secure the property after work is done for the day during the construction period. Once the project is finished and it is time for the owner to take possession, one turn of the owner's key in the lock cylinder changes the key code and renders the construction key useless. This eliminates the expense of hiring a locksmith to rekey the locks as well as alleviates the fear that another key may be "out there somewhere". This service is also useful for rental properties since you can effectively change the key code as many as six different times before needing to call a locksmith to rekey the locks.

We are a preferred authorized dealer for Mul-T-Lock high security, restricted key lock systems. With a restricted key system, a credit card sized key card is issued to the owner of the lock and only the person with that card can have additional duplicate keys made and then only at an authorized dealer's location. Mul-T-Lock's advanced design of telescopic pins, or pin within a pin, will resist even the most determined attempts at lock picking.

We offer full service keying and master keying of these high security cylinders as well as duplicate key cutting and rekeying of existing cylinders. We offer a full line of Mul-T-Lock products on our website, from high security padlocks and deadbolt locks to pick and drill resistant mortise cylinders for commercial buildings.

Please Contact Us for all your lock keying and Door Hardware needs.

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